Healing Hands

Donation Goal For This Project is $40,000
50% Donated/$20,000 To Go
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Save for the band-aids, and aspirin sent over by various missions, the closest thing these people have to a doctor is a town shaman. Our objective is to build a hospital, provide modern medical technology, and train local villagers to use it.

Completed Projects Phrase1

Nursing Students –2 females, and 3 males students sent to nursing education.

  • $4,000.00 per student for a nursing education.  Completed, spent $20,000.00

Clinics set up around village –

  • Ran by volunteer missionaries.
  • Inside Restoration Center Medical Staff
    • Cost approx. $1500.00/mo.
  • Medical Products
    • Supplied $1,500.00 worth of medical supplies in past trips.
    • $3,000.00 is the ideal quarterly cost, for future trips.

Nursing Teachers – 5 teachers costing $1,000.00 per student, per year.

  • Completed. $25,000.00 total spent.

Restoration Center Medical Facility –

  • Need patient transportation for critical care.
  • Need supplies to set up out of facility events.
  • Need full time staff.
  • Could use a motorcycle or van donations.
  • X-Ray machine.