The Restoration Center

Donation Goal For This Project is $287,000
15% Donated/$241,818 To Go
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Our primary goal is to complete The Restoration Center, complete with a hospital, school, and dormitory style living areas. This Center will offer living capability to those who, since the earthquake, have had no place to go. The road, and foundation are completed, but to finish the project, we will need additional funding.

We will are evangelizing and providing care in Lazile, Haiti for widows,orphan children, and anyone needing food, shelter, medical attention and education.

We started building the orphanage for L’azile Haiti and we need your help to finish the building, to shelter the children.

Phase 1 Phase 2 Phase 3
$90,000 $90,000 $90,000

Phase 1

Girl’s Dormitory 50 percent complete.$44,000 contributed so far.

Phase 2

Boy’s Dormitory

Phase 3

Multi-Purpose Teaching Facility, Medical Center, Food Court.


• Need electricity run to The Restoration Center.

• Get the ability to run out of Center events.

• Possibility of Bio-Diesel fueled generator.

• Need alternate power sources(generator, solar, wind) $10,000.00 est. cost.