Our Needs

Active Programs

  • We developed a two year, $55,000 program to educate select locals in modern medical techniques, leaving the community with five certified professionals readily available, where they previously had none.
  • We spend an average of $2,000 a month keeping sixty of the orphaned children on regular eating schedules, and another $300 hosting monthly dry food events for an additional 125 children.
  • We have completed over fifty percent of the Girl’s Dormitory branch of our Restoration Center, raising $45,000 of our $90,000 goal thus far.  Once completed, the young, orphaned girls living on the streets in Lasile will have a safe place to live, for the first time since July of 2010.

Project Overview

Our number one priority is completing The Girl’s Dormitory, or Phase 1, of The Restoration Center.  To do this, we need 1000 bags of cement, 3000 iron bars, and other assorted construction materials.  We have tools, and people trained to use them, but we need more.

The Restoration Center

15% Donated/$241,818 To Go
Our primary goal is to complete The Restoration Center, complete with a hospital, school, and...
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A Nation’s Education

1% Donated/$29,414 To Go
In Haiti, it is a privilege to know how to read, or write. Even the...
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Feed the Hungry

7% Donated/$25,600 To Go
Most of the people living in this area are lucky to eat once every few...
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Healing Hands

50% Donated/$20,000 To Go
Save for the band-aids, and aspirin sent over by various missions, the closest thing these...
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The Foundations Plan "$500"

With The Foundations Plan, you would be supporting Phase 1 of The Restoration Center building project, your donation would put to buying concrete to use for the remaining foundation work required for the Girl’s Dormitory.

• $500.00/$3.75/bag = Approximately 125 bags of concrete.


The Structure Plan "$1,000"

With this donation, your money would be used to buy lumber, cinder blocks, and iron bars required to help finish out the structure work required for Phase 1 of The Restoration Center building project.

• $1,000.00/$20.00/ ½ in. Iron Bar = Approximately 50 bars towards structure work.


The New Heights Plan "$1,500"

The New Heights Plan will fund the roofing material, interior hardware, and furniture required to finish out Phase 1 of The Restoration Center. In addition, investing in this plan will give you the option of having whatever materials/work completed with your donation branded, and featured on our website.


The Cornerstone Plan "$2,000"

At this level, you would be a fundamental partner in the completion of our mission in Lasile, and in addition to being featured on our website, would have the privilege of choosing an additional mission project in which to invest your donation. For example, if you wanted to put $1,000.00 towards The Restoration Center, and another $1,000.00 towards the digging of a pond for easier water access, we would make that happen, and keep you updated on our daily progress.


“The Mission is Possible” Plan "$5,000"

Investing in this plan will not only fund the interior supplies, and hardware (anything from beds to generators) required for finishing out Phase 1, but will fund separate mission projects including, but not limited to; Gardening/Livestock Sustainability Projects/Education Programs, Out of facility medical clinics, Community Renovation Projects, and Organized Food Distribution.

• After an investment of $5,000 or more, you will have a direct say in where your money goes, will become members of our “Foundational Partners” group, and will be given specific credit for projects completed with your funding.