Our History

In 1991, Josephine Victor accepted God’s call to minister to the children in her resources, God poured out His blessings, and she was able to build a small church where she housed and educated the orphans of the village starting with just 12. In 2010, when Haiti was struck by a major earthquake, many children became orphans. With the country in chaos, children began to arrive at Touch of Light and from outside the village . Today over 150 orphans are cared for by Touch of Light and the number continues to grow.With the growing demands of the ministry, Lourdes Victor, Josephine’s daughter, has answer the calling of the Lord to expand the orphanage and church to better care for the needs of the community.

Today many of the original orphans that Josephine started caring for in 1991 are now taking leadership and nursing positions for Touch of Light in Haiti.

Mission Statement

TOLM’s mission is to maintain the following principles:

  • Guidance:  Spread the word of Jesus Christ, and live in His image, so as to touch the hearts, and set an example for those whom you are teaching.
  • Education:  Educate those less fortunate, so as to better the entirety of the human race.
  • Compassion:  Care for all, and treat others how you wish to be treated.  For the smallest act of caring holds the potential to turn a life around.

Who We Are

Touch of Light Ministries is a nonprofit organization providing food, housing, and education to orphaned children in the village area of Lasile, Haiti. Our goal is to assist the community by providing meal programs, medical services, and literacy training programs that will improve the negative effects of poverty for children and the socioeconomic factors caused by natural disaster. The people living here and the children born here have no chance at creating a better life for themselves, and they deserve one. To quote the Declaration of Independence, “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, and endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are, Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.” At TOLM, we want to open that path to those who previously had no access.

These children have grown up without food, water, or a roof over their heads, in many cases. It’s not only a privilege, but an honor to know how to read. We plan to give them all of the above. We plan on raising all of our money through various fundraisers, donors, and investors. Over time, we believe that TOLM will grow to the point where we can spread our influence to the rest of the country.

Support Us

Testimony of Touch of Light

Statistics show that a year after the devastating 7.0 earthquake in Haiti there is still $78 billion dollars’ worth of aide needed to restore the country. Half of the countries schools, 5,000 to be exact, were destroyed along with hospitals, homes, and three university colleges. The effects of the hurricane have left over 80,000 children without schools and thousands of people without healthcare. Although currently established outreach programs have provided 57 semi-permanent school buildings and clinics in rural Haiti regions, there is still an urgent need for more assistance. Our vision is to provide care for all Haitian’s who are in need of medical attention and education.

Our organization assist rural, and local men, women, and children in the L’azile region of Haiti. We currently provide education for unfortunate children through our community training program in a temporary facility in which we serve grades preK-5; Also, We also provide healthcare in L’Azille’s with temporary community health clinics briging volunteer physicians, nurses, and other clinicians to ensure we provide great quality care.